Saturday, June 19, 2004

Aunty Ali Golding's Circle

Hello everyone

This is Ali Golding. I am an Aboriginal elder. I just completed my two-year course in theology, and on Saturday, 26th June at 12.30 pm, Nungalinya College in Darwin, Northern Territory will be handing me my Diploma in Theology in a graduation ceremony to be held at the Redfern Community Centre, Corner Hugo and Caroline Streets.

My vision for my ministry is to blend my Aboriginal culture into the gospel. My people have not had the opportunity of finding a home that will comfort their spirit.I would like to build one pathway in finding their spirituality. Even for the non indigenous people,they can walk on the same pathway to discover their connection to the first people of this land.

When they find each other on this commmon ground, this may be the beginning of their healing. This is my vision.

Aunty Ali Golding